Functional features:

1. The streamline outer cover is neat and generous, the top of the cover can be placed on the blade and wax block, etc., these objects are easy to take and change within the field of view, and the new white guard on both sides of the blade holder, which makes both the hand and neatness perfect.

2. Adopt imported cross roller guide (Japan), bearing and micro-advancement mechanism with long-lasting lubrication, no need to refuel and frequent maintenance, cover belt and chip bad make the instrument more convenient to clean up.

★3. The right hand wheel can be locked at any position with one hand, plus the hand wheel handle can also lock the hand wheel quickly at the highest point, this double function ensures the safe transfer of slicing wax block, making the operation process more secure.

★4. The knife holder can be used interchangeably with wide and narrow disposable blades and special materials are selected through a unique surface treatment process to make the slicing smooth and continuous, and the wax pieces will not stick to the knife holder to obtain excellent slicing effect and slicing quality.

5. The unique two-stage fast block repair function greatly improves the working efficiency.

6. The sample clamping system can be adjusted in any direction in the three-dimensional space, which is convenient to use.

★7. The new design of the special disposable blade holder, with a red guard bar covering the full length of the blade and with the protection of the user's safety unloading device to ensure that the user will not be cut by the blade. Blade holder left and right movement function makes the operator safer and more convenient to use the blade.

8. The whole machine design into the ergonomic concept, to bring the operator not late fatigue of the comfortable effect.

★9. Quickly interchangeable specimen holders within five seconds, making it more convenient and quick for the operator to slice.

10. Disposable blade holder and steel blade holder can be quickly interchanged, which can meet the needs of the operator in the slicing process of various specimens.

Main technical parameters:

Positioning system: with 0 bit indication

Slicing thickness range: 0.5-60μm adjustable

Maximum horizontal shift of sample: 24mm

Slicing thickness setting range.

0-2μm in 0.5μm increments, the maximum vertical displacement of the sample: 60mm

2-10μm in 1μm increments, maximum slice cross section: 50*70mm

10-20μm in 2μm increments, specimen adjustment direction, 8° horizontally, 8° vertically

20-60μm in 5μm increments. Slicing thickness minimum index value: 0.5μm

Slicing accuracy: ±5%

External size: 300*570*270mm

Trimming thickness range: small handwheel arbitrary adjustment, scale knob 0.5-60μm.

Knife holder base movement range:front and back ±25mm left and right ±20mm

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