YD-315Ⅲ fast thermostatic frozen slicer is composed of two parts: YD-315 rotating slicer and freezing system. The freezing system of the machine adopts high-power semiconductor temperature difference cooling principle, advanced nano-material and LCD display, with set temperature, actual temperature, automatic thermostat control, automatic alarm system, memory function, automatic retraction and automatic defrost function, automatic slice counting function, and quick slice trimming function to improve working efficiency. The handwheel can be locked at any position, and the sample holders can be interchanged quickly. It can both freeze quickly for frozen sectioning and conventional paraffin sectioning at the same time. It is an ideal product for biological histology and clinical pathology.

Functional features:

1. The streamlined cover is neat and generous, the top of the cover can be placed on the blades and wax blocks, etc., which are easy to take and change within the field of view, and the new white guard plate on both sides of the knife holder, which is the best for both hand and neatness.

2. Adopt imported cross roller guide (Japan), bearing and micro-advancement mechanism with long-lasting lubrication, no need to refuel and frequent maintenance, and the masking tape and chip dregs make the instrument more convenient to clean.

3. The right slicing handwheel can be locked at any point, plus the handwheel handle can also lock the handwheel quickly at the highest point, which is a double function to ensure the safe transfer of slicing wax block, making the operation process more secure.

★4. After the right handle is locked at the highest point, it can start working with a gentle pull outward.

★5. The knife holder is made of special material with unique surface treatment process, so that the slicing is smooth and continuous, and the wax pieces will not stick to the knife holder, so as to obtain excellent slicing effect and slicing quality.

★6. The unique two-stage fast block repair function greatly improves the working efficiency.

★7. The sample clamping system can be adjusted in any direction in the three-dimensional space, easy to use.

8. Specialized disposable blade holder, each blade can obtain the ideal slicing effect. The knife holder left and right movement function makes the operator safer and more convenient to use the blade.

9. The whole machine design is integrated with ergonomic concept, which brings the operator a comfortable effect without late fatigue.

★10. The wax block holder and embedding box holder can be interchanged quickly in 5 seconds with bare hands, which makes it more convenient and quick for the operator to slice.

11. Disposable blade holder and steel blade holder can be quickly interchanged, which can meet the operator's needs for various specimens in the slicing process.

Main technical parameters:

Slicing thickness: 0-60μm

Slicing thickness setting range.

0-2μm in 0.5μm increments.

2-10μum in 1μm increments.

10-20μm in 2μm increments.

20-60μm in 5μm increments.

Slicing thickness minimum index value: 0.5μm

Slicing accuracy: ±5%

Maximum horizontal displacement of the sample: 24mm

Maximum vertical displacement of sample: 60mm

Maximum slicing cross-section: 60×40mm

Maximum area of freezing table: 40×40mm

Input power: AC220V/110V

Frequency 50/60HZ

Power: 300VA

Machine weight: YD-315: 28kg; YD-III: 8kg

Overall dimensions: YD-315: 300*570*270mm; YD-III: 400*400*160mm

Knife base movement range: front and back ± 25mm left and right ± 20mm

Freezing table maximum temperature difference ≥ 60 ℃ freezing knife maximum temperature difference ≥ 50 ℃

Cold knife and knife back into 45 ° angle slicing, the smaller the angle is easier to smear slices

With memory, power saving function, automatically retain the set temperature after running; automatic constant temperature

Cold knife adopts magnetic adsorption, easy to operate and dismantle Cold knife and cold table display preset temperature and real time temperature respectively on the same screen

Defrosting temperature display, after defrosting automatically restore the cooling working state cooling speed 2-7 minutes to reach the slicing temperature

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