Staining steps:

Frozen section specimen → fixed specimen → water wash → HE staining → water wash → differentiation → water wash → anti-blue → water wash → eosin → water wash → gradient alcohol → xylene (end)

Technical parameters:

1. Number of liquid cylinders: 15; single cylinder dissolution volume: 360ml

a. The first cylinder is to start saving cylinder

b. The number of cleaning cylinders: 5

c. The number of hematoxylin cylinder: 1

d. The number of differentiation cylinder: 1

e.The number of I-red cylinder: 1

f.Number of anti-blue cylinder: 1

g.Number of gradient alcohol tank: 4

h.Number of end cylinder: 1

2. Single cylinder processing time: can be set within 1 second ~ 59 minutes arbitrarily

3. Temperature setting range of hematoxylin cylinder and warm water back to blue cylinder: 0~63℃ any setting

4. Dyeing steps: 14 steps

5. The number of single stained slides in the staining rack: 18 slides

6. Three staining racks work in infinite cycle mode

7. Single staining time: 4 minutes adjustable

★8. Computer program-controlled water inlet and drainage system ensures clean water quality and water-saving performance when washing slides in each process

★9. Hematoxylin using ultrasonic, heating and other ways to quickly color

10. The program has an alarm function when the operation is completed.

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