1. The LCD touch screen display is intuitive and clear;

2. Embedded PC intelligent control system: flexible programming and dyeing design, single program can run 30 steps;

3. High speed silent robotic arm design, meeting the quality control requirements of high-quality dyeing;

4. Perfect dyeing quality control recording function, avoid manual recording and statistics, and meet dyeing quality control requirements;

5. Multi directional dyeing quality control parameter setting: optimization setting of multiple parameters, real-time synchronous display and open adjustable design;

6. Multiple staining schemes classification and storage function: can store multiple open staining programs for editing, and can also meet the needs of users for processing and applying different specimens and staining methods;

7. Servo self checking and positioning function: quickly perform various checks before use; If there are uncalibrable errors, there will be a warning!

8. Real time dynamic detection and display: the real-time dynamic detection display and record of the program enable the operator to fully understand the operation of the program and make the dyeing meet the requirements of pathological dyeing quality control;

9. The design of hydrophobic glass slide dyeing frame and high-speed high-frequency leaching function effectively reduce cross contamination of different dyeing solutions and reduce dyeing costs;

10. Low voltage contactless hot air drying: Adopting integrated circuit temperature control technology, it is more environmentally friendly and safe, allowing each glass slide to be dried in a clean and constant temperature environment, and the temperature and airflow can be adjusted evenly;

11. The constant pressure dynamic circulation cleaning glass slide technology adopts a dual valve design of pressure reducing valve and inlet valve, which can enable each glass slide to be cleaned with constant flow rate water; The solenoid valve controls the water inlet in real time, which can effectively save water and ensure the cleanliness of each dyeing process and the dyeing quality of each sample slide;

12. Full automatic cycle loading dyeing rack design: 4-6 dyeing racks can be operated synchronously, and the cycle can be uploaded and downloaded, and the number can be automatically identified. The operation is intuitive and simple, so that the dyeing quantity is no longer limited, and the dyeing quality can reach the pre dyeing quality control;

13. The method of setting authorization and confidentiality for parameter settings is more conducive to weight level quality control during the pathological staining process.

Technical parameter:

Reagent tanks: 21, including 2 water washing tanks and 1 drying tank.

26 reagent positions available for editing

Liquor shaking frequency and stirring: 30Hz, (adjustable) 2 times of stirring, up/down cylinder position; 1-4 cylinder positions are available for editing and setting.

Single cylinder processing time: adjustable from 0 to 10000 seconds, with no more than 1 second for any two dyeing cylinders to transfer and add dye

Delivery time of the dyeing rack: 0.7 seconds (meeting the requirements of high-definition constant dyeing technology)

Reagent precision threshold: 0-99 adjustable

Leachate retention time: 1-30 seconds

The cylinder volume is: 550mL (can be used for 350mL-500mL staining solution); The temperature of the drying cylinder can be adjusted between room temperature and 70 ℃;

Dye flux: approximately 120-300 pieces/hour (formulated according to the dyeing program); Flowing automatic water washing, with adjustable flow rate and water pressure;

Number of staining pieces processed by a single staining frame: 30 pieces/frame; Simultaneous processing of dyeing racks on the same machine; 1-4 racks

Power supply: 220V ± 5V 50Hz

Power: ≤ 400 W (hot water power is calculated separately).

Instrument overall size: 1250X500X550mm

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