The valve body is integrated structure, good sealing, flexible opening, no wax leakage and dripping wax phenomenon. Wax temperature and flow rate can be controlled automatically, and the residual wax is automatically recycled and filtered by the wax liquid at the workbench.

Chinese (English) menu touch control panel, LCD dynamic display. The temperature of molten wax cylinder, left and right holding cylinders, wax nozzle and table can be preset arbitrarily. The whole machine consists of embedding part and freezing part, split design, with memory and automatic recovery function, and preset temperature is automatically retained after operation.

★Large capacity (6 liters) molten wax cylinder to ensure one-time completion of tissue embedding.

Touch button operation: with memory function, automatic on and off time can be set for on and off time, date and time of display as well as temperature and other functions can be set.

With double filter protection, heating function with multiple protection system, low voltage lighting system, safe and reliable. Touch screen operation.

Optional marble work surface is easy to clean paraffin and anti-scalding hands.

Main technical parameters:

★Wax cylinder capacity: 6 liters

Melting wax cylinder temperature preset range: 0℃~99℃

Pre-setting range of temperature of insulated cylinder: 0℃~99℃

Temperature control range of working table: 0℃~99℃

Temperature presetting range of tweezer storage table: 0℃~99℃

Temperature presetting range of flow wax tube: 0℃~99℃

Cold table surface can accommodate about 60 embedding cassettes

Large LCD display touch screen

Electronic induction metal switch

Both sides are equipped with professional wax trimming function

3 heated forceps holes on each side of the worktable

Temperature control accuracy: ±1%

Cooling area: 310x290mm

Constant temperature cold table: room temperature - 20℃ (can be configured with atomized cold table or temperature control cold table, working temperature 0~-20℃ adjustable,)

Flow wax working mode: automatic soft contact switch, foot switch control

Time preset: can be set within 0-24 hours arbitrary power on and off time

Power supply voltage: AC220V/AC110±10%

Power frequency: 50/60±1Hz

Power of embedding machine: 1500w

Cold table power: 200w

Weight of embedding machine: 48㎏

Cold table weight: 23kg

Embedding machine size 510×350×600mm

Cold table size:510x350x360mm

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