1. High-sensitivity color touch screen, Chinese display interface, capable of file editing, suitable for customer use.

★2. Automatic recovery function of residual wax, saving reagents and clean cleaning.

★3. three-stage extraction technology, to avoid equipment failure caused by aging damage to the seal.

4. One-key manual cleaning function, arbitrary transfer.

5. Automatic fault detection and repair technology to ensure the normal operation of the equipment and the safety of the specimen.

6. Double pressure control technology, safe and reliable, energy-saving and environmental protection.

★7. Self-closing cylinder cover design, anti-static mechanical handle switch, so that the release of specimens no longer laborious.

8. Equipped with reagent management system, according to the number of times to follow the reagents.

9. Circulation system with activated carbon filter to reduce environmental pollution.

10. Equipped with password protection and power failure protection.

11. Heating and constant temperature control for the dehydration process.

12. Timed start, to meet the needs of holidays.

13. Appearance size 670 * 620 * 1230MM.

Technical parameters:

1. Specimen processing capacity: 300 specimen boxes.

2. Specimen basket: 3 pcs.

3. Reagent containers. 9 reagent cylinders (5L each). 3 paraffin cylinders (5L each).

4. Cleaning containers: 3 pcs.

5. Condensation vials: 2.


1. Operating procedures: 16 for storage.

2. Cleaning cycle programs: 4.

3. Paraffin temperature range: room temperature ~ 99°C.

4. Temperature accuracy: +/- 1°C.

5. Vacuum degree: -0.06 MPa.

6. Power supply: 220V, 50Hz P<1500W

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